February 2011

Come on over to Marfa next Tuesday for a perfect antidote to the hearts and fat cupids of Valentine’s Day. You’ll never think of dry cleaners and strip clubs the same way.

“Don’t ask, don’t tell” takes on a whole new meaning in JP Chan‘s DRY CLEAN ONLY when the hilarious Debargo Sanyal faces off with Aaron Yoo over a serious need for some clean clothes.

Following the screening, take a look behind the g-string in THE GRIND, Victoria Linchong‘s latest, the “pilot episode” of a live performance series about a group of girls who work in a strip club circa 1997. 

AND courtesy of a new grant from New York Council on the Humanities, we’ll close the evening with a discussion with Victoria and sex worker activist Siobhan Brooks-King.  All this plus delicious drinks at our new location – Marfa on 2nd Street between 1st Ave & Ave A!

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