February 2010

HAITI DREAMS OF DEMOCRACY Jonathan Demme, 1987 In 1986, the people of Haiti toppled the corrupt dictatorship of “Baby Doc”...

December 2008

We think ALL the films and plays we presented were exceptional but in the interest of time, we chose two films that we thought were particularly evocative...

November 2008

Cristina Ertze's THE OLD MAN & THE SEA + Yvonne Adrian's LEGENDARY SIREN

October 2008

Elaine Liu's THE PROJECTIONIST and Howard Zinn's EMMA

June 2008

Victoria Linchong's DOUBLE DEALING and Naomi Iizuka's 36 VIEWS

May 2008

Michael Connor's RECALLED and Shem Bitterman's HARM'S WAY

April 2008

Prashant Bhargava's SANGAM and Victoria Linchong's PAPER HOUSE

March 2008

Jason da Silva's OLIVIA'S PUZZLE and Jose Luis Orbegozo's SAINT CARLOS OF GOWANUS

February 2008

Oscar Daniel's AMONG THIEVES & Mia McCullough's CHAGRIN FALLS

January 2008

THE LANDLORD is back with John Hawke's WAX MUSEUM